Tips To Prepare For Your Upcoming Furnace Replacement

Posted on: 25 May 2023

Is your current furnace in need of replacement? If you have a furnace expert coming in to assess the situation or to begin work on a new installation or replacement, you will need to make sure the area in question and the rest of your home or family is fully prepared for what's ahead. Here are some tips to keep in mind in order to make sure your upcoming furnace replacement goes as smoothly as possible.

Clear a Path and Remove Obstacles

The HVAC experts who arrive to put in your furnace replacement will need to easily get in and out to get the job done. If your furnace is in the basement or in any area where you have belongings stored, you will need to make sure there is a clear path to the furnace and back. You also don't want a liability issue if a technician trips on something you left in the way to the furnace on installation day. Do a little spring cleaning and get the clutter out of the area.

Cover Up Nearby Valuables

If you have valuable items stored, you may want to go beyond simply clearing a path to and around the furnace. Just in case an accident occurs and there is a spill of some kind or gas is let out into the air, you don't want any of your other valuables in the area to be harmed. Get some plastic sheeting and cover up any other belongings in the room if you can't remove everything before the installers arrive.

Keep Pets and Children Out of the Area

If you have a pet that has the right to roam through every room in the house, you will want to get that under control before your HVAC technician arrives. Put your pets in a closed room or otherwise ensure they are nowhere near the area in question. You should also tell your children about the situation and ensure they don't bother the installers either.

Make Alternate Arrangements to Stay Comfortable

If your furnace is being taken out when you actually need heat in the house to stay comfortable, you may want to make alternate arrangements for your family if they would otherwise be home on the day of the installation. You could also just bundle up with some extra blankets, of course, but if you have an older family member or anyone else who is vulnerable to the cold, make sure they can go someplace warm until your new furnace is set up.

For more furnace repair tips, reach out to a local service.