Does Your AC Run But There Are Rooms That Stay Warm? Call A Service Professional To Do These Things Today

Posted on: 28 April 2023

When the air conditioner is running all day long, you expect the house to be comfortable and cool. If you have found that there are rooms where the cold air isn't reaching, and there are uneven temperatures throughout the house, it's time to call an HVAC repair professional.

The air conditioning service person should tune up the unit, give it a thorough inspection, and see if there are any immediate issues with the ventilation system that has to be repaired fast. Here are some things to talk about when a professional shows up at your home.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up

The air conditioning unit is a machine that should get annual tune-ups before use in the spring. In a tune-up the professional will:

  • Replace filters
  • Balance the fan
  • Clean the condenser coil and evaporator coil
  • Blow out and clean the interior chamber of the unit

Doing these things will help the HVAC professional assess the unit to see if there are any repairs that are needed, and these things will help to improve efficiency. It will be revealed during the tune-up and inspection if there are problems causing the lack of circulation because of the mechanics of the unit.  

Ventilation Inspection

The ventilation components like the ducts, vents, and airflow returns need to be inspected. If there are blockages anywhere in the ventilation system, then this will prevent air from flowing properly throughout the house and to all the rooms in your home. A duct cleaning may be necessary right away to not only improve airflow but also the air quality.

Thermostat Concerns

The thermostat may be having complications, and the air conditioner isn't running for long enough periods of time, causing the cold air not to get through the house. Ask the HVAC expert about troubleshooting or resetting the thermostat. Replacing it with a new wireless and programmable model while the professional is at your home is a great way to help reduce energy costs in the future.

With the rising cost of energy prices, you don't want to spend your summer paying for high electrical bills, and not getting the comfort that you need. Talk with an air conditioning service team about the problems that you have, and to get these things done for your unit. Then you will know if your unit just needs maintained and cleaned, repaired, or even replaced if there are major problems and costly concerns.