Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Professional Repair

Posted on: 24 February 2023

As a home or business owner, you can relate to the importance of an air conditioner (AC) system. A properly functioning AC system maintains the desired temperature in the office, car, or house. It eliminates moisture and heat from interior spaces and cools them to ensure the inhabitants are comfortable. That is achieved through components such as compressors, condenser coils, thermostats, evaporators, air handlers, and blowing units in the AC. The major types of air conditioning systems entail central air conditioning, ductless air conditioning, window air conditioning, portable air conditioning, geothermal heating and cooling, and hybrid air conditioning systems. 

What Are the Signs That You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner?

Proper AC system maintenance offers convenience and ensures you're comfortable in your environment. As with most machines, your AC may break down or perform poorly after some time and need repair. Repairing the AC system has a couple of benefits. First, it provides cooler temperatures and better energy efficiency, thus lowering your utility bills. Additionally, after repair, you enjoy greater comfort in your environment as eliminating debris and particles from your AC system enables it to provide excellent air quality. Lastly, repairing your AC allows it to perform optimally and extends its lifespan. Below are some signs that you need to fix your AC system.

Poor Airflow and Warm Air

A properly maintained AC system provides excellent airflow. Poor airflow indicates inefficiency or a blockage that limits air movement through the ductwork due to a broken motor or clogged air filter. Professionals use energy recovery ventilators and zoning systems to maintain the cooling power and correct the airflow. The AC system also provides cool air during hot weather. A broken thermostat or a compressor and restricted airflow cause the AC to produce warm air. The AC system's complex nature needs careful calibration and handling by professionals.

High Humidity and Water Leaks

An air conditioner automatically limits humidity levels during warm seasons. If the cooling systems can't maintain comfortable moisture levels, you must repair your AC. A system checkup determines whether it needs a dehumidifier or recalibration. Another sign of an AC system failure is an active leak or pooling of water around it. That means that the AC refrigerant is inappropriately cooling hence, producing condensation. Leaks cause severe structural damage to your property and thus need urgent attention and maintenance.

Final Word 

Strange odors and unusual noises from your AC also signal that it needs fixing. Ultraviolet lamps remove microbial growth in the AC to eliminate the unpleasant smell, while a system checkup determines the cause of the noises. Contact a professional AC repair service, such as Carolina Air Care, to assist with air conditioner maintenance needs.