Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Posted on: 3 November 2022

A functional AC is crucial in maintaining optimum indoor temperatures. However, your unit may fail to cool your space and leave you with unbearable indoor conditions. This could result from normal wear and tear or failure to service your system on a timely basis. You should know that if the malfunction affects the core components, the unit may stall and become inoperable. So, to avoid incurring premature replacement costs, you should routinely engage an AC contractor to service your unit. The following are the signs you need emergency AC repair.

Unusual Noises  

Your AC will produce minimal operating sounds that are not meant to be disruptive. Thus, if you hear loud and strange noises that were not prevalent before, your AC unit could be defective. For example, rattling sounds indicate loose components, while hissing sounds point to a refrigerant leak. On the other hand, when the motor bearings dry out, they will produce a high-pitched squeal. Note that attending to strange noises by repairing damaged components is crucial since overlooking them will cause a premature system failure.  

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

If you suddenly notice the air from the vents is warm, you may need an emergency repair. In most cases, this results from a leak in the line set, which causes the refrigerant to expand. Consequently, the pressure in the system decreases, causing the evaporator coil to freeze. On the other hand, dirt may collect on the coil over time, forming insulation. As a result, a frozen or dirty coil will impede heat exchange and reduce the cooling power. Subsequently, the fan will blow warm air from the vents, leaving you with an uncomfortable indoor space. 

Odd Smells

You may experience a dust-like smell when you turn on your AC after a period of inactivity. However, the AC needs an emergency repair if you notice unpleasant smells as the system runs. For instance, a musty smell indicates a drain line or pan leakage, while a rotten egg smell arises from a gas leak in the system. Moreover, you may notice a burning odor due to an electrical failure. Whatever the odor, it is best to contact an AC professional to perform prompt repairs.

Puddles Around the AC

Your AC cools the air as well as dehumidifies it. In this case, the moisture from the air drips on the pan before emptying in the condensate line. Over time, the pan may develop a crack and leak moisture. In addition, dirt and grime accumulation on the drain line may form an obstruction and cause a water backup. This will force the water to overflow and form pools beneath the AC. Therefore, you should contact an AC specialist to clean the drain line or replace the pan to prevent water damage.

You must note that a system breakdown may necessitate a unit replacement. Thus, you should schedule regular maintenance checks with an AC repair expert to ensure the system runs at peak performance.

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