Everything You Can Expect From AC Installation, Repair, And Other HVAC Services

Posted on: 18 August 2022

What can you expect from an HVAC repair or replacement service? You're a first-time homeowner with little to no heating and cooling experience. If your new home's old system is inefficient, doesn't heat/cool adequately, or has another issue, take a look at the top questions about service calls and AC installation.

How Long Is A Typical HVAC Service Call?

There's no standard answer to this question. The length of a service call depends on the reason for the appointment. A maintenance or pre-season/post-season check-up may not take as long as a repair call. Routine maintenance will include an inspection and cleaning. But if the technician finds a problem during the inspection, they will take longer (compared to a routine, non-problem service) to complete the appointment. 

An installation appointment is likely to take significantly longer to complete than routine service or a repair—especially if you need a complete heating or air conditioning system replacement. Likewise, an extremely complex service or one that involves a whole-home issue (such as air duct installation) 

What Happens During A Service Call?

Again, you won't find one universal answer to this question. The steps of an HVAC appointment depend on the service your system needs. A routine maintenance appointment typically includes a visual inspection. The technician will also clean the components and let you know if there is wear or damage. 

A residential AC repair appointment includes an inspection, a diagnosis, and parts repairs/replacement. Most repair services are one-day or one-time appointments. But if the technician doesn't have the right parts for your HVAC system, they may need to order components and return on another day to complete the repair.

Does your home need a new heating or cooling system? Schedule a consultation appointment before this service. The contractor can assess your home's heating or cooling needs, inspect the current system's setup, and help you to choose a new model. Like some parts, the contractor may also need to order a new replacement system. When the contractor has the system and the components it needs, they will schedule an installation. 

Do You Really Need To Schedule An HVAC Appointment?

Your system requires maintenance or repair. Are these services that you need a professional to complete?

While some types of routine maintenance or repairs may seem simple, your new home's HVAC system is a complex piece of machinery. Failure to assess problems or repair components correctly could result in premature mechanical failure, energy efficiency issues, or a safety hazard. Always consult an HVAC professional for your system's service-related needs.  

For more information about residential AC services, contact a local company.