How Can Heating Services Control Your Power-Hungry Residential Heating System?

Posted on: 13 July 2022

Are you trying to reduce how much energy your house uses? You may work on the heating system as one appliance. Despite being crucial to maintaining your home's comfort, this item accounts for a significant percentage of your energy costs. To increase efficiency, you might ask heating services to modify the heating system's controls. Here are a few controls you may add to an outdated heating system to increase comfort while cutting your energy costs.

1. Fit in an Intelligent Thermostat 

One of the best methods to cut down on energy use and lower your heating costs is to use a smart thermostat. By automatically changing the temperature depending on your schedule and habits, a smart thermostat may dramatically reduce your energy costs.

2. Add Independent Temperature Control to Your Hot Water Tank

You may be able to reduce your energy costs by using a separate temperature control for your hot water cylinder. You may adjust the temperature of your hot water cylinder to the best level for your requirements by adding separate temperature control. This will help you consume less energy and cut down on the length of time your boiler is operating.

3. Separate Residential Hot Water Controls From Radiator Controls

You can ask heating services to separate the heating air conditioning from the water heating function. Your radiators will only be heated when necessary if you install a separate control for your household hot water. 

This may result in a reduction in your energy costs. Because you may use hot water in warm weather without necessarily heating up your home, it also improves comfort.

4. Separate Controllers for Various Rooms

You may heat separate rooms to varying degrees depending on demand by installing radiator controls. This is particularly helpful for spaces like guest bedrooms or home offices that aren't utilized often. You may reduce the energy use in your house by turning down the heat in these areas.

5. Attach a Timer to Your Boiler 

Your boiler will only turn on when you need it, thanks to the timer, which will save your energy costs. For instance, you could set it up such that it heats the house up in the morning before you get up and turns off in the afternoon when no one is home.

A house without a heating system is unimaginable, yet this equipment may also be expensive to run due to high energy costs. You may increase the effectiveness of this system without completely reworking it by updating the controls. Speak with heating services to find out how to upgrade the efficiency of your old heater.