Tips And Guidelines To Help You Manage The Most Common Commercial Refrigeration Issues

Posted on: 20 June 2022

Commercial refrigeration can be more critical than a residential application. If your commercial fridge fails, you will end up dealing with damaged products, customer dissatisfaction, and financial losses. Timely system repair is the best way to ensure your food preservation strategy does not encounter such problems. Here are three issues that might affect your refrigerator and ways to deal with them before they lead to damage. 

When the Unit Keeps Making Unusual Noises

Unusual noises are the first indicator that your commercial refrigerator might be breaking down. Functional systems usually have a quiet operation, and the only sound you might notice is a click or gentle hum as the fridge cycles on. However, you should get alarmed when your system starts making loud sounds. Technicians usually know how to match sounds with malfunctioning parts. For example, gurgling sounds mean that the coolant is boiling over. Rattling indicates that the fridge could be wrongly postured, and knocking sounds could signify condenser failure. By speaking to a professional, you can figure out the reason behind the noises and resolve them.

When the Fridge Has Temperature Issues

The temperatures inside the unit are typically the first sign of a fridge problem. You may have thermostat issues if you set your fridge to a particular temperature, but it does not keep your food cold. If the problem is not the thermostat, consider checking the fans. Sometimes dirty fans in the evaporator interfere with the cooling cycle, preventing the removal of the warm air inside the refrigeration chamber. 

When Ice Keeps Building Up Inside the System

You should also consider getting a technician to assess your fridge if it keeps getting ice buildups. These often indicate that you have defective door gaskets or poor ventilation. It might also be because the people using the fridge leave the door open for extended periods. When you leave the door open for too long, you get warm air in the chambers and force the unit to overcompensate. The air cools down rapidly and condenses, forming the frost that covers the inside of the appliance. Other issues with the system might also lead to ice buildup. An appliance repair technician is the best person to troubleshoot and fix an ice buildup issue. 

If you are keen enough, you will notice these issues before they lead to a complete refrigerator breakdown. Speak to a trusted and experienced technician to help you troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve problems with your system.  

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