How To Be Better About Your Air Conditioning This Year

Posted on: 26 May 2022

Summer is coming, and that, in turn, means that air conditioning season is also coming. Air conditioning can go a long way towards keeping your home nice and comfortable. But if you want your air conditioning to treat you well, then you'll want to treat it well, too. Here are some ways you can be better to your air conditioner and also better about using your air conditioner this summer.

Stock up on air filters right now.

Changing your air filter on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for your air conditioner. But a lot of homeowners end up changing their air conditioning filter less often than they should because they forget to pick one up. You can prevent yourself from falling into this trap by stocking up on air conditioning filters as AC season is just getting started. Buy a whole stack — enough to get you through the season. This way, when the time comes to change the filter, all that means is you have to go pull the old one out and put the new one in.

Settle on a thermostat setting.

Does your family argue about the thermostat setting? Maybe one of you always prefers the home at 74 degrees and someone else likes it at 76. Instead of spending the whole season turning the thermostat up and down, which is a waste of energy, decide on a setting from the get-go. If you can bear it, leaving the temperature a degree or two higher than you typically do can help keep your energy costs under control throughout the summer.

Find the number of an emergency HVAC contractor.

Hopefully, nothing happens with your air conditioner this summer. But if the unit does fail, you don't want to have to spend days searching for an emergency HVAC contractor while your home gets hotter and hotter. Take the time to look for emergency HVAC contractors in your area right now, and put the number of one on your fridge and on your phone. Make sure others in your home know that if the AC fails, this is the number to call.

If you follow the tips above, this can be the year you really take charge of your air conditioning. These tips will help keep your AC unit running efficiently, and they will also ensure you have the resources to handle any issues that do arise. 

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