4 Common Furnace Defects And How A Heating Contractor Can Fix Them

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Your furnace works tirelessly behind the scene to keep your home warm and cozy during the cold months. However, like other appliances, your furnace is not immune to wear and tear or other problems. Most furnace problems can be fixed, but you need to schedule a professional furnace repair. Here are common furnace problems a furnace expert can address.

1. Clogged Air Filters

If your furnace air filters are clogged by dust or debris, the furnace works extra hard to keep your home warm. As a result, it will consume more energy, and your power bills will significantly go up. A clogged filter may even cause your furnace to shut itself off due to overheating.

Note that this excess heat can damage other furnace components or even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. To keep your air filter in top condition, you need to schedule a filter inspection every few months. An expert can clean the clogged filters or even replace them, depending on the dirt and extent of the damage.

2. Damaged Blower Belt

If you have heard an irritating squealing sound from your furnace, chances are your blower belt is damaged, or it has slipped out of place. If this is left unattended, the furnace blower won't work as it should, which means you will pay more electricity bills.

An experienced technician can inspect the belt for damage and replace it if necessary. In addition, they can check the belt's tension and adjust the pulley's alignment to fix the belt and ensure the system is running correctly.

3. Damaged Thermostats

You may not know how essential a thermostat is to your furnace until it fails. For example, if your furnace keeps on turning itself on and off or there is no heat at all, your thermostat could be failing. In most cases, the problems may be due to dead batteries, grime build-up, age, incorrect placement, or loose wiring.

Do not try to handle a damaged thermostat on your own. You could cause more problems or even injure yourself. A competent furnace expert can diagnose your thermostat, identify any software or hardware problem, and fix it immediately.

4. Damaged Heat Exchanger

Have you noted a crack or corrosion on your furnace? Or weird gas smell in your home? If yes, you may be looking at a cracked heat exchanger. This might have been caused by overheating or insufficient combustion. Therefore, you need to switch off your furnace and schedule a furnace repair. The expert will inspect the heat exchanger to establish the reason and extent of the damage. The best solution for a cracked heat exchanger is to replace it.

You can easily make your furnace issues a part of your past by enlisting a furnace repair expert. They will inspect your furnace, solve any problems, and ensure it runs efficiently.