Is It Time To Schedule A Routine HVAC Inspection For Your Rental Property?

Posted on: 7 October 2021

HVAC maintenance is the landlord's responsibility in most US states, and all states require that landlords maintain their properties in habitable condition. While air conditioning might not fall under this latter requirement, heating certainly does. As a result, it's essential to ensure that the HVAC systems on your properties are always functioning to a high standard.

Routine annual service appointments are one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. If you're not currently scheduling regular maintenance and inspection appointments for your rental properties, here are three reasons that you should start today.

1. Lower Long-Term Costs

Responding to tenant complaints will help keep your HVAC system running, but this approach is seldom cost-effective. Many repair problems result from improper maintenance. Failing to deal with routine maintenance tasks can have a compounding effect, leading to more wear on components and ultimately causing those components to fail prematurely.

Regular inspections allow your HVAC technician to perform maintenance that can keep your system running for longer. You'll also discover problems before they stop your property's heating from working, saving the added expense of an emergency HVAC visit in the dead of winter. Of course, fewer failures also mean fewer tenant complaints, saving you time and hassle.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

If you cover utility costs for your tenants, increasing energy efficiency is essential for reducing your operating expenses. Even if you don't, your tenants are more likely to complain if your property's heating or cooling system drives their energy bills through the roof. Poorly maintained HVAC systems can reduce system efficiency, leading to higher utility bills in addition to more wear and tear.

Some areas may also offer various green incentives for energy-efficient rental properties. In these cases, it may be financially beneficial to keep your HVAC system running as well as possible. If you rent properties in a city or state with these offers, you may need to schedule routine HVAC visits to ensure your rental units qualify.

3. Better Situational Awareness

You can't know everything that happens on your property, especially in continuously occupied units. A routine inspection allows you to understand the condition of the HVAC system on your property, which in turn will better prepare you for future repairs and maintenance. The technician can also help to explain proper usage to your tenants, avoiding maintenance issues that may result from HVAC abuse.

While routine service inspections are essential for anyone who owns a structure with an integrated HVAC system, they are especially critical for landlords. Scheduling these yearly inspections is a win-win that can save you money while keeping your tenants happier and more comfortable.

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