Furnace Repairs To Get Your Home Ready For Winter Before Summer Is Over

Posted on: 30 June 2021

Now that your AC is running full force to keep up with the cooling needs of your home, you might need to start thinking about your heating. Furnace repairs might need to be done now to ensure you are ready for the weather to change. The following furnace problems need to be repaired to get your home ready for winter this summer:

Furnace Not Lighting When Heating Turns On

Sometimes, the furnace may not light when you need your heating. The problems with the heating not staying on and heating are usually due to the pilot light not turning on. If the furnace does not start when the heating is turned on, it may be due to the pilot light or a bad thermocouple. These components might need to be replaced to repair your furnace to prepare for the winter weather.

Furnace Turning Off Before Completing Cycles

Short heating system cycles are often related to issues with your furnace that need to be addressed. These short cycles are often caused by issues with the thermocouple that senses a problem and shuts the furnace off before the cycle is completed to heat your home. Another problem that could be causing issues with shorter furnace cycles is the thermostat not being calibrated with your heating system.

Blower Fans Causing Noises From the Furnace

The blower fan can also cause problems with your heating. It can make noises when you turn the heating on. Some HVAC systems might use the same blower fan for heating and cooling, while others may have a separate blower and air handler for the furnace. If your furnace starts to make noises when you turn your HVAC system to heating, the blower fan may be the cause of these problems and will need to be repaired.

Other HVAC Heating Issues to Repair Before Winter

In addition to the problems that directly affect your furnace, there may be other issues with your HVAC system that need to be repaired. This could be due to problems with the dampers that need to be adjusted for heating or damage to the ductwork that causes energy loss. There might also be problems with the thermostat for your furnace that need to be repaired before you turn the heating on.

The furnace repairs that you have done now will ensure you are ready when the temperatures change this fall. Contact a furnace repair service for help dealing with these issues before you get caught without heating when you need it.

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