Annual Maintenance The Fan In Your AC Condenser Needs

Posted on: 10 May 2021

One of the parts your air conditioning maintenance technician checks during an annual tune-up is the condenser fan. The fan is important for cooling off the condenser coils, so it should always be working properly. Here are some things the technician may check and repair on the fan.

Observe For Unusual Operation

The first thing the technician may do is watch the fan while the AC is running. The condenser fan is on top of the condenser outside. The grille of the fan makes the top of the condenser cage so the technician can watch the fan spin through the grille. They check for unbalanced movement, odd noises, and excessive heat coming from the fan or motor.

Check The Fan Blades

Fan blades can develop metal fatigue, so they should be inspected for small cracks. The technician can take the fan out of the condenser once the power is off so it can be inspected closely. If a crack is present, the blade should be replaced. In addition to looking for cracks, the technician checks the bearings by spinning the blades by hand.

If the blades don't spin easily, the technician may look for debris that might be stuck in the fans. If necessary, the fan is cleaned to get rid of obstructions. Spinning the blades by hand helps the technician detect problems with the bearings and motor that might need to be repaired. If the blades are out of balance, the technician may replace them.

Lubricate The Motor

If your air conditioner is fairly new, the fan motor may not need lubrication. Older air conditioners need to be lubricated about once a year during the annual tuneup. This involves removing the small plugs on the motor and injecting the oil into the holes. The oil keeps the motor from overheating. This is one reason annual air conditioning maintenance is so important. A lack of oil could cause a malfunction or even damage the motor.

The condenser fan is just one part of the AC that's serviced during an annual tuneup. The process of checking the fan goes fast since the technician is experienced and picks up on problems right away.

As long as your fan is in good condition, a quick check and lubrication if needed is enough to make sure the fan and motor are ready for another summer of keeping you cool. If the technician finds a problem with the fan or its motor, repairs are done so the fan doesn't fail later on when you least expect it.

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