2 Unusual Noises Indicating A Problem With Your Central AC System's Condenser

Posted on: 1 March 2021

When your home's central air conditioner is running, you may already be used to the gentle humming and whirring noises that come from the condenser. However, you may have started hearing some unusual sounds that lead you to wonder whether there is a problem with the unit. Below are a couple of noises that indicate that there may be a serious issue with the condenser that can prompt air conditioning repair services.

1.  Grinding Noises That Are Present as Soon as the Condenser Kicks On 

One alarming noise that you may hear coming from your central air conditioner's compressor is a grinding sound. This sound is typically present as soon as the condenser kicks on and may become louder as the cycle continues.

If you are hearing these grinding noises, there is most likely a problem with the condenser's motor. If the bearings within the motor have already started to wear down, their metal surfaces are likely grinding against each other.

As the surfaces of the bearings grind against one another, the added friction will create more heat and pressure, which will cause further breakdown of the metal. This will make the motor work harder, which could cause it to burn out.

If the bearings are worn down, they will need to be replaced and properly lubricated to keep this from happening in the future. This task is best left to a professional, so do not attempt to do the job yourself.

2.  Hissing Sounds Heard During and Shortly after the Condenser Runs

Another unusual sound that you may hear coming from the condenser which indicates a problem is a hissing noise. This noise can usually be heard not only while the condenser is running, but it may also be heard shortly after it turns off.

If you hear hissing sounds, they are often indicative of a refrigerant leak within the unit. Along with the noises, you may find ice building up on the outside of the condenser. You may also notice that your home is not getting a cool as it should.

If you hear either of the above noises coming from your central air conditioner, there may be a serious issue with the condenser that warrants the immediate attention of a professional before it breaks down completely and requires replacement. Contact an HVAC contractor near you who offers air conditioning repair services to have them inspect the condenser to find the source of the unusual sounds, so that action may be taken to fix it.