How To Deal With An Air Conditioner That's Leaking Water

Posted on: 4 December 2020

Have you noticed that the portion of the air conditioner located inside your home is leaking water all over the floor? If so, you'll likely want to deal with this problem sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why it could be happening, and what you can do about it.

Clogged Drain Line

A common reason for the water on your floor could be a clogged drain line. Every air conditioner will have a line that is used to remove water from the evaporator drain pan. Unfortunately, that line can become clogged over time, which will cause the water to overflow and go onto your floor. 

It's possible that your HVAC system was installed with a thin tube many years ago, which can easily become clogged due to dirt and debris in the line. You'll want to check the tube to make sure that there is not a kink in it that could be preventing water from reaching the drain. If you do have a thin tube, it can be replaced with a thicker PVC pipe. This will ensure that the opening going to the drain is wide enough that small amounts of dirt and debris are not going to get stuck.

Clogged Drain Pan

The drain line may be perfectly fine, but the problem is with debris in the drain pan. This can happen due to no fault of your own since it is even possible for bugs to get into your air conditioner and clog the line. You can open up the air conditioner and manually clean out your drain pan to unclog whatever it was that was blocking the entrance to the drain line. 

Rusted Drain Pan

It's also possible that the leak could be caused by a drain pan that has rusted and now has holes in it. Give the drain pan a visual inspection to see if there are any small holes in it, and if so, that hole will need to be repaired or replaced with a new drain pan.

Frozen Coils

If you have a problem with an air conditioner that freezes up, the ice will eventually need to melt from the coils and go somewhere. It's possible that the cause of the leak is simply from ice that is melting and not getting caught in the drain pan. 

If you still can't find the cause of the water leaking from your air conditioner, then it may be time to contact an HVAC repair specialist. They can come and look at your air conditioner to figure out what is wrong with it. An air conditioning repair service can provide additional information.