Effectively Heating Your Home This Winter

Posted on: 26 March 2020

Making decisions involving the heating system of a home can be some of the most impactful decisions that a homeowner may make. This system will impact the comfort of being inside the home, the energy efficiency of the structure and even the resale value of the home.

1. Appreciate the Benefits of an Electric Heating System

Choosing between a gas-, oil-, or electric-powered heating system will be among the major decisions that you will have to make when installing a new heating system. Unfortunately, some homeowners may not fully appreciate the advantages that an electric heating unit will be able to offer the home. For example, these systems can be extremely energy efficient, but this is not the only advantage they will have. Both gas and oil-burning heating systems will require far more intensive cleaning to keep them from clogging on residues and soot.

2. Consider Zoning Options

A traditional heating system will require the entire home to be set to the same temperature. For many homes, this can be sufficient. However, this can be inefficient for very large homes or households with significant differences in the temperature preference of the occupants. A zoned heating system will avoid this problem as it will allow you to set the various areas of the home to different temperatures. While a zoned heating system will be a very specialized system and require customization, it can provide the greatest amount of control over efficiently and effectively warming the home.

3. Balance the Output with the Size of Your Home

There will always be a need to balance the output of the heating system against the size of the home. Failing to balance these factors can lead to the home being much cooler than you intended or it wasting energy. While the most basic way of sizing a heating system will be to determine the square footage of the area needing to be heated. However, this may not account for the insulation, the number of windows, and other factors that can influence the difficulty of regulating the temperature inside the home. Additionally, the way that the air circulates in the home will also impact the type of upgrades that will be needed to create a zoned heating system. In order to effectively design a zoned heating system, a contractor needs to assess the entire structure to determine the actual heating needs.

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