Possible Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn't Keeping Your Home Warm Enough To Keep You Comfortable

Posted on: 13 November 2019

When it's cold outside, you want your home to be a warm and cozy oasis from the bitter weather. If it seems like your furnace isn't keeping your home as warm as it should, consider calling for a service check before your furnace stops working completely and leaves you in the cold. Here are a few reasons why your furnace may not be keeping your home warm enough.

Only The Blower Is Running

If the blower is running, you may think your furnace is running too when it isn't. This can happen if the thermostat setting is wrong or if there is a problem with the furnace that triggers the furnace to turn off while the blower keeps going. One reason the furnace may stop heating is if the airflow is restricted by a clogged filter. Before you call a furnace repair service, double-check the thermostat settings and change the filter to see if you can fix the problem yourself.

Another thing to consider is if you've switched to a different type of filter, such as one that has improved filtration for allergy sufferers. Sometimes, these can restrict airflow and keep your furnace from working properly. Try putting the original style filter back in to see if your furnace starts heating better. If these quick-fix attempts don't work, then call in a repair service.

There's A Problem With The Ignition System

If you have a gas furnace, there could be a problem with the gas supply. The ignition system might be dirty with soot and unable to light. There could also be a bad flame sensor that's not allowing the ignition to complete and let the furnace run a full cycle. Your furnace may need to have parts replaced or it may just need to be cleaned by the repair service to get it working again.

The Ducts Are Leaking

If there's a rip or gap in the ducts, then heated air will escape. This could reduce the amount of air that blows out of the registers so your home can't heat up as well. A leaky duct might be a simple fix if you can repair it with duct tape. However, if a raccoon was in the attic and did a lot of damage to the ducts, the damaged pieces may need to be replaced.

The Blower Is Malfunctioning Or Dirty

The blower is what pushes air through the furnace and ducts. If the blower or motor isn't working as powerfully as it should, then the airflow will be weaker and have a harder time keeping you warm. Sometimes, parts wear out in the blower motor. Other times, the problem is caked dust and grime that makes the blower work so hard that the furnace shuts down to prevent overheating. In this case, you might hear the furnace cycle on and off frequently even though your house is still cold.

Another thing to consider is the outdoor weather. If the temperature is unusually cold, it's possible your furnace will struggle to keep up if your insulation isn't as good as it should be or if the furnace isn't the ideal size for your home. However, when your furnace doesn't seem to be working as well as it should, it's always good to call for a service check so the furnace can be cleaned or have parts replaced before it breaks down completely.

For more information, contact a local furnace repair service.