Why Choose Central Air Or A Window Unit Over Portable AC?

Posted on: 28 August 2019

When you've been suffering through the heat, you want a quick solution. A portable air conditioner may seem like the perfect device. After all, you only need to plug it in and turn it on, and there's no installation necessary. Unfortunately, portable air conditioners come with many drawbacks. In most cases, a window air conditioning unit or a central AC system is a better option. Here are four reasons you're better off with something other than a portable air conditioner.

1. Portable AC is noisy.

Portable air conditioners can be quite loud. They're less efficient than other types of air conditioners, which means their fan must work harder to cool your home. Window AC units are quieter, and central air systems are virtually silent. If you're sensitive to noise pollution or you sometimes record music or videos in your home, you will probably appreciate the more silent options.

2. Portable AC takes up space.

Portable air conditioners are a lot more obtrusive than other types of air conditioners. A window AC unit takes up no floor space at all. It simply sits in your window. A central AC system is even less obtrusive. Your HVAC installation service will need to place a compressor in your yard, but the actual air ducts for your central AC system can be hidden in the walls. If you live in a small house or apartment, forgoing a portable AC can help you maximize your small space.

3. Portable AC isn't as portable as it sounds.

You may like the idea of getting a portable air conditioner because you want to be able to move it throughout your house as needed. Unfortunately, the name "portable air conditioner" is a little misleading. While these air conditioners can be moved, they're often large and heavy. It would be very difficult to move them on a regular basis. In addition, portable AC units need to vent out a window. The venting hose that comes with a portable AC unit is often five feet long or less. Since the hose doesn't reach very far, you are somewhat limited in your placement options.

4. Portable AC can be more expensive overall.

You may think that you're saving money by purchasing a portable air conditioner. After all, you can find one for only a couple hundred dollars. However, you need to consider the amount of energy your air conditioner consumes. Portable AC units are less efficient, which means you will end up paying more for less cooling power. A window AC unit is very useful for cooling a single room, and larger homes will benefit from central air conditioning.

If you've decided to choose central air or a window unit, contact an AC installation service. Once you have the air conditioner you want, a qualified service representative can come to your house to install it. If you need help choosing the right air conditioner from your home, feel free to schedule a consultation.