Four Ways To Keep The Air Quality As Healthy As Possible In Your Commercial Building

Posted on: 19 November 2018

Poor indoor air quality leads to a variety of issues that negatively affect the health and comfort of those who work in the building, making it essential for commercial building owners to implement an indoor air quality protection plan. Using several integrated strategies designed to work together is the best way to promote optimal air quality in your office environment. Following are four ways to help keep the indoor air in your building as healthy and safe as possible. 

Hire a Janitorial Service That Uses Natural Cleaning Products 

The kind of cleaning products used has a big impact on the overall quality of indoor air — in fact, cleaning products have been found to be one of the main reasons for poor indoor air quality in commercial buildings. Products made with harsh chemicals, for instance, may release volatile compounds into the air that can cause headaches, respiratory distress, and allergic reactions in many people. Traditionally, green cleaning services have come with a higher price tag than their mainstream counterparts, but the cost is about the same now in many areas. Don't be afraid to ask questions when hiring a cleaning company — it's easy for anyone to claim that their products and processes are green when they really aren't. is an excellent resource for double-checking on individual cleaning products as well as service providers in your community. 

Your cleaning service should also use dust mops and dust cloths made out of microfiber because this material efficiently traps the dust better than the alternatives, therefore helping to keep dust mite populations in check.

Use an Air Purifier

Using an air purifier provides your indoor air quality strategy with an extra layer of protection, but it should never be the only precaution that you take. Air purifiers help eliminate the presence of airborne particulates such as pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. Be sure to get one that's designed to handle the size of the room or rooms you plan to use it in. Air purifiers with HEPA filters are best, particularly if you or anyone in your office suffers from allergies. 

Institute a No-Smoking Policy at Least 100 Feet From Your Door

Even though smoking has decreased dramatically in recent years due to its association with serious health issues, it seems as if most offices still have at least one smoker. It should go without saying that smoking indoors should not be tolerated under any circumstances in your commercial building, but keep in mind that smoking outdoors can nonetheless result in poor indoor air quality. Cigarette smoke is dense and stinky, and it's easily blown into buildings when someone's smoking too close to the door. Ask employees to step away at least 100 feet from the door when they go outside for their smoke breaks. 

Have Your HVAC System Professionally Maintained

Malfunctioning and improperly maintained HVAC systems are a prime culprit when it comes to spreading bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and other airborne particulates throughout both residential and commercial buildings. Scheduling regular maintenance by a skilled, qualified professional ensures that your air conditioning system isn't creating unhealthy indoor air quality in your office. Signs that your HVAC system may be contributing to poor air quality include high humidity levels, the visible presence of dust and other debris blowing out from the vents when the system is running, and unpleasant odors coming from the air ducts.

By keeping your air conditioning system well-maintained, you'll not only help promote the best possible air quality in your office, but you'll also probably save money on utility bills and ensure that the system lasts as long as possible. Get in touch with a company such as Robison  Air for more information.