Problems With Your Water Heater

Posted on: 8 November 2017

When you call a specialist for plumbing repairs on your water heater, there are a few problems that they will look for first and foremost. Are any of these your problem? You'll need an expert to diagnose and fix them. 

There Is No Hot Water

This is certainly a frustrating issue. Occasionally there is a simple fix, such as a broken pilot light. For electrical hot water heaters, the power supply could also be an issue. Check your thermostat as well to ensure that the heat setting isn't too low. 

After that, you start to get into the more complicated issues. Low gas could be one problem that your plumbing repairs contractor can fix pretty easily. If there is a clogged burner or other more serious problem, that will definitely require expert help. 

Sometimes you start out with hot water, but the supply is very limited. This can sometimes occur if you have sediment in the bottom of your tank. A specialist should clean the tank, combustion chamber, burner, and any other equipment used for heating, because these are less efficient when there is sediment or debris on them. 

Issues with Pressure

Issues with pressure tend to have something to do with the pressure valves. If they are clogged or blocked, the pressure could go higher or lower. For example, the pressure valve might be stuck shut, which would not allow the system to release extra pressure within the tank; your water pressure can skyrocket dramatically. On the other hand, blocked valves and pipes can impede the flow of water and cause the pressure to go down. Either way, your technician will need to power down the system and see what types of blockages are occurring. 

The Tank Is Making Noise

Cracking or popping noises from the tank are scary. They usually just mean that there is some buildup in the tank. As the water in the tank heats, sediments can get super hot and cause noises that would concern any homeowner. Luckily, a good cleaning should do the trick. 

The Tank Smells Bad

When you have a smell coming from your water tank (often a rotten eggs type smell), you may be worried that you are going to get sick from the water. Actually, the smell is usually due to a chemical reaction that occurs with the water and the tank. It's easy enough to prevent with a thorough tank cleaning.