3 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Heating Costs Down This Winter

Posted on: 4 October 2017

As the weather outside begins to get colder, your HVAC system will be using more energy to keep your home cool. To keep the costs of heating your home as low as possible, regular maintenance is important. With a good winter heating maintenance routine, your heating will be much more efficient. Here are a few HVAC maintenance tips to help ensure your heating costs are lower:

1. Fall Servicing Before You Use Heating

It is always important to have your HVAC system serviced as the seasons change. During the fall months, you will want to have a technician from a company like Northwest  Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc come and do service work to your furnace and heating systems. They will clean the furnace, check components, and ensure that the heating is working properly before you begin to use it during the winter months. If you want to do any upgrades to your heating system, fall is a good time to consider them before cold weather arrives.

2.  Maintenance to Reduce Heat Loss During the Winter Months

In addition to the maintenance to your heating, you also want to make sure that your home is not allowing heat to escape. You want to reduce heat loss by doing an energy audit and ensuring that your home is properly insulated. It is also important to check all the weather stripping on windows and doors, which sometimes wears out and may need to be replaced. In addition, you may want to consider improvements to the glass in older windows to help reduce heat loss. Window treatments like curtains can also help to reduce heat loss and make your home more efficient.

3.  Regular Filter Changes and Keeping Vents Clean for Better Air Flow

It is also important to regularly change air filters to ensure that the heating has good air flow. In addition, make sure you check all the vents to ensure they are clean and air is circulating freely. For better energy efficiency, you will want to check the filter and vents of your HVAC system regularly throughout the year. You may also want to occasionally have the ducts cleaned to reduce dust and allergens in your HVAC system. Clean ducts will also circulate air more efficiently and help reduce energy consumption.

During the winter months, you want to do HVAC maintenance to ensure your heating costs do not go up. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to your HVAC system, contact an HVAC contractor to help with some of these repairs.