3 Questions To Ask Now So That Your Home Is Warm Later

Posted on: 24 July 2017

As the warm summer months begin to wind down, it becomes the perfect time to have your heating  system checked over. This is an ideal thing to do to ensure that you are all set for the cold winter season. The last thing you want to have happen is not being able to heat your home when a cold snap creeps upon you. Furnace maintenance is crucial, even when it is hot outside. The following are some things to check out when checking on your furnace for wintertime:

Is Heat Coming From the Furnace?

One of the most obvious indicators that there is a problem with the furnace is if there is no heat coming out after you turn it on. There are some easy fixes that you can attempt on your own. The first thing to do is check your electrical breaker box to ensure it is turned on. Also, look behind the furnace to ensure there is no damage done to the heating elements or wiring. If everything seems to be in check, call your HVAC technician to have it looked at and have it ready to go for the cold weather.

Do You Hear Loud Noise?

If the heat is emitting from the furnace as it should but is making a loud or odd noise, that is another indicator that it needs some maintenance. Your furnace should be quiet, or at most a gentle hum when it is turned on. One source of noise is a problem with the motor that blows the warm air out into the house. This is a fairly easy fix that only requires an adjustment, or at most, a repair to the motor itself. The noise could also be coming from a problem with the mechanism that actually turns on the furnace. This is a more difficult problem that you will need to have checked by a professional.

Do You Smell Natural Gas?

If your home is powered by natural gas, it is likely that your furnace is also powered by gas. After your furnace has been off for several months, it is not unusual to notice a faint burning smell at first. This smell is just old dust burning off the unit, and it typically subsides after a few hours at most. However, if you smell gas once you turn the heating system on, this means there is a major problem, even a potential gas leak into your home. This is a very dangerous situation. Turn off the furnace and evacuate the house immediately. You also need to call the fire department. They will go in and check the home for a leak and let you know when and if you can return inside.