Breathe Right From The Start: Air Quality Improvements In Time For Baby

Posted on: 9 June 2017

Spring and summer are the times of the year when babies are born. If you are expecting, you undoubtedly want the best for your baby before he or she even arrives. One thing you might overlook as a new parent is air quality. Babies can be born with asthma and allergies, most of which go undetected until the baby is having trouble breathing. A lot of what brings on these symptoms is the purity of the air in your home. Here is how you can make sure your baby breathes right, right from the start.

Ventilation Cleanings

Every other month before baby arrives, have an HVAC contractor clean your ventilation system. This process sucks out years of dirt, dust and outdoor allergens trying to sneak their way inside. When your ventilation system is consistently cleaned, you can rule this out as a possible cause if your baby develops a breathing problem.

Air Purifiers

Buy an air purifier for baby's room. Begin running it about two or three weeks before your delivery date. Continue to run the air purifier for several months after baby is born, or until you are certain that baby does not have allergies and was not born with asthma or lung problems. Also, be sure to change the filter in the purifier as often as the directions say. This is so important to maintaining quality air control.

Air Circulation

If you do not have a ceiling fan in baby's room already, consider installing one. Having the fan on low helps keep the air moving throughout the room. It also cools the air down low without having constant cold air blasting on your baby, which can affect his or her delicate immune system.

Airtight Windows

Finally, if you want to be absolutely sure your baby does not develop any breathing problems, make sure the windows in your baby's room are airtight. Either install new windows that have tight seals, or use plastic window film to cover and seal the windows inside and out. The film also helps keep dust to a minimum. a bonus if you do not have enough money to install new, airtight windows.

Have the Air Quality Checked Regularly

Both before and after baby arrives, have an HVAC specialist, like Tailor Made Maintenance Inc, check the air quality in your home, and especially in baby's room. There are tests that the specialist can do to make sure there are limited allergens and very low dust in the air. Then you know that your baby will be breathing the best quality air possible.