3 Recommendations To Help You Get Your Air Conditioner Ready To Cool For The Summer

Posted on: 14 May 2017

When your air conditioner is first installed, its first year of use is virtually maintenance free as it cools your home, then winterizing your air conditioner's compressor is a simple process. The next spring you will need to take care of some routine maintenance and cleaning to keep it working its best. Here are some tips to help you get your air conditioner ready for summer use.

Clean Compressor's Interior

Before you turn on your air conditioner for use this summer, you should clean out the interior of your compressor. Over the past year, your air conditioner may have become full of dirt, leaves, and other debris from the surrounding environment.

First, shut off the power to your compressor either at your home's power breaker or outside where the unit connects to power from your home's exterior. You don't want the unit to accidentally turn on while you are cleaning it.

Next, use a screw driver to remove the screws that hold the exterior cover in place, then remove the cover carefully from the compressor. Scoop out any debris and leaves that have found there way to the inside of the compressor and around the interior fan. Wear work gloves while you complete this step. 

Clean Coils

Next, use a pressure washer to spray and clean off the interior coils on your condenser. The coils carry the coolant and allows heat from your home's interior to pass outside. If these coils are dirty, your air conditioner cannot fully expel heat from inside your home to the outside.

To clean air conditioner coils that have collected quite a bit of dirt and debris, it can be helpful to use a condenser coil cleaner, found at most home improvement stores. Be sure to follow the directions when using a coil cleaner, as it can be acidic and can require the use of protective clothing.

Straighten and Clean the Fins

The outside of your compressor is made up of a series of metal fins, which allow the heat from the coils pass through to the exterior of the unit. Over time, these fins can become dirty and bent from flying rocks, hail, and other flying debris, which blocks them from heat exchange and causing your air conditioner to work harder at cooling your home.

First, straighten any bent fins, which you can manually complete with the help of a fin straightener comb. You can find a comb straightener set at most home improvement stores. Be sure you use the right size of straightener tool to fit your air conditioner's fins. 

Use these tips to help you get your air conditioner ready for the season.

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