Maintenance Tips For A Window Air Conditioning Unit

Posted on: 11 May 2017

During the hotter months, one of the most important features of the home is your air conditioner. Window air conditioners provide excellent alternatives to a central unit, as they are less expensive to install and often have easier upkeep as well. However, there is some maintenance you need to do in order to keep the window unit running smoothly. Here are some important maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Wash or Replace the Air Filter

The air filter should be the first and most common place where you should begin when thinking about maintenance for your window air conditioner. If you have a window unit that contains a reusable air filter, all you need to do is remove the filter routinely, wash it, and return it to same position. If this isn't done, then an obstructed air system can place a great deal of stress on the entire system, which can lead to the burning out of fan motors. Disposable air filters can be thrown away and replaced with new ones.

Clean the Coils

This is another area of grave importance. The evaporator coils, which are usually found on the lower portion of the unit, need to be kept clean on a regular basis, but they are also simple to clean. This is done because dirt and buildup of material on the coils can cause the unit to overheat or even break. Open the unit to locate the condenser coils, then use a brush to remove the dirt and buildup. The brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner works perfectly for this purpose.

Straighten the Coil Fins

One part of general care for air conditioning that is often overlooked is straightening the coils. There are combs manufactured specifically for the purpose of coil upkeep and maintenance. Varied sizes and widths can be purchased at most major home improvement stores or online for an inexpensive price. While your unit is open, run the comb along the coils to keep them spaced evenly and remove compression damage.

Preparing the Unit For Storage

If your window air conditioning unit is mostly only used during hot seasons and is removed during cold seasons, it is always a clever idea to perform all monthly routine maintenance before you place it into storage. Be sure to place it into a receptacle or inside some kind of a covering to keep it protected during its time of non-operation. 

It is also important that you contact an HVAC professional at a company like D & R Service Inc if you are continuing to have issues with your window unit regardless of these maintenance tasks.