Lower Your Utility Bills with Window Film Insulation

Posted on: 5 September 2015

Virtually every homeowner would like to find ways to lower their heating and cooling costs. Although the importance of insulating your attic and basement is common knowledge, the fact that insulating your windows with plastic film can reduce your energy costs is perhaps less well known. The article looks at some of the key considerations to be aware of if you decide to pursue this option.  


Window film prevents hot air from leaving your house during the winter by sealing leaks in the glass and window frame. Window film also helps keep your house cool during the summer because it reduces the amount of heat entering a room by up to 80 percent. So, simply installing window film on your windows will reduce the need for using your heating and cooling equipment more than necessary and save you money on your utility bills.  


You can purchase window film kits at most home and garden centers. Many of these kits use clear film so that you can see clearly into the outdoors, although you can also purchase kits with film that comes in darker shades or in more durable materials, like ceramic. Investing in a higher-quality material may be worth it, since cheaper tints don't have as much UV protection and tend to fade or wrinkle over time.


To prepare for the installation, make certain that the trim and molding around the window is clean. In some cases, you may only need to dust around the window. If the molding has significant amount of dirt, however, you should wash it off with soap and water or vinegar and water. Do not attempt to install the window film until the molding is thoroughly dry. 


If you want to make sure that the window film is applied correctly and efficiently, you can talk with a heating or cooling professional, like Climec Residential Inc. If you are confident in your DIY know-how, follow these instructions:

Place the double-sided tape from the window film kit on the molding surrounding the window. After applying the tape all the way around the molding, measure the height and width of the window with a tape measure. Cut a piece of film from the kit to fit the dimensions of the window. Leave an inch or two extra on all sides to avoid cutting the film too small. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and press the film over the molding. Use a hair dryer to remove any wrinkles or bubbles from the film, but do not allow the hair dryer actually touch the film. 

Applying window film insulation to your windows is a great way to make your home more energy efficient and keep your heating and cooling costs under control. For more ideas on how to save energy, contact a heating and cooling contractor.