About A Gas Furnace With Pilot Problems

Posted on: 4 September 2015

Does the pilot to your gas furnace seem to struggle with staying lit for long periods of time? The problem may be an easy repair that is inexpensive, but it can also mean that the furnace is going out and need to be replaced. Find out in this article about the problems a gas furnace pilot can experience, as well as what purchasing a new one is estimated to cost.

What Can Go Wrong with a Gas Furnace Pilot?

If your pilot is not staying lit for too long, it is possible that something is inside of the orifice like dirt or dust. The orifice is the most important part of the pilot because your central heater won't work unless a flame can pass through it. If you are not in the habit of getting the area around the furnace cleaned every now and then, it is likely that dust drifted into the orifice and clogged it up. You must get the clogged removed before your heater will work efficiently again. Leaving the dust in the orifice can also become a fire hazard.

Another thing that can cause the pilot in a gas furnace to go out is an insufficient amount of gas. There is a valve on your furnace that can be set to release a specific amount of gas into the burner of the furnace. It is possible that the valve is set to low, which means the pilot is only able to ignite a small flame that doesn't last. You may need to get the valve repaired if it is broken.

A gas leak can also cause inefficiency from a furnace. You don't want to leave a gas leak unrepaired, as it can lead to an explosion in your home. If you smell any gas around the furnace, call for assistance immediately and leave your home until the problem is fixed.

What is the Estimated Price to Replace a Gas Furnace?

The quality of the gas furnace and extent of labor required for it to be installed will play a role in the price. If you want a standard gas furnace, you should expect to pay a minimum of $1,700, but the price can be as much as over $8,000. A high efficiency gas furnace is estimated between $2,500 and $12,000 plus. Don't delay making an appointment with a contractor, such as those at Fred's Plumbing & Heating Services, to get your gas furnace repaired or replaced with a new one!