Reasons Your Laundromat Needs a Professional Exhaust System Cleaning

Posted on: 1 September 2015

Have you recently purchased an existing laundromat? Are you making a list of everything that needs to be done in order for you to reopen your doors? While replacing a damaged change machine or fixing a broken washing machine may seem the most obvious, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a commercial exhaust cleaning company:

Avoid hazardous fumes: If you use commercial gas-powered dryers instead of electric ones, an accumulation of lint can prevent carbon monoxide gas from escaping. This issue may begin small, with just a few of your patrons getting a headache or feeling nauseous when the dryers are used. But if not taken care of promptly, the problem can quickly grow bad enough to require the hospitalization of anyone in your laundromat and possibly even death. Because a laundromat has a large number of dryers available which are often in use, carbon monoxide can build up relatively rapidly if you don't have a commercial exhaust cleaning company regularly clear out the vents.

Eliminate musty smells: A laundromat should smell as fresh and as clean as it looks, in order to promote the idea of cleanliness. But if your dryer vents aren't cleaned out very often by an exhaust cleaning company, the trapped lint can begin to retain moisture. This moist lint can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This growth can give your laundromat a strange dank and damp smell. If your laundromat starts to smell like a poorly-ventilated basement, your potential customers are more likely to leave before they even try out your machines. The customers who stay may end up feeling like their clothes now smell musty as well, even if this is just in their imagination.

Higher profits: No matter what type of dryers you have in use, vents that are partially or completely obscured can cause them to work less efficiently. For example, if your dryers are set to give customers 30 minutes to dry their clothes, clean vents may allow a small load to be dried in half that time. However, clogged vents could result in a customer needing to use the full 30 minutes, or even longer, to dry his or her clothes. Instead of being able to profit from the unused dryer time, you'll wind up with increased energy bills. You may also begin to lose business as your customers realize that your dryers are eating their quarters and giving little in return. 

Contact a commercial exhaust cleaning company like Clearzone Services to solve these problems before they start.