How To Insulate Your Windows

Posted on: 20 August 2014

If you are a homeowner, you may have experienced your house getting cold and uncomfortable to live in. The good news is that you can now insulate your windows to keep the house warm. Moreover, the process is simple and economical because you can do it yourself.  The following step by step instructions will help you insulate your windows with ease.

Step 1: Purchase the materials

Purchase a window insulation kit which usually contains a double-sized tape, brief instructions and clear plastic sheeting. Additionally, acquire a hair dryer and a pair of scissors. The tools and material can be purchased from any hardware store in your area of residence.

Step 2: Close and lock the window

Locking the window pulls the window pieces together and seals any cold leaks attempting to slip through. Leave the blind slightly open if you would like to see out of the window because they will be inaccessible until the insulation is removed. However, if you don't intend to see through the window, you may completely close the blinds.

Step 3: Cut the plastic sheet

Cut the plastic sheet that would adequately cover your window. Use a ruler or any straight edge to cut the plastic sheet to avoid having a crooked sheet. Make the size slightly larger than the window so you may have sufficient space beyond the window frame to the plastic sheet to the wall.

Step 4: Line the edge of the window

Line the edge of the window using the double-sized tape. You can use the window frame as guide to maintain a straight application of the tape.

Step 5: Press the plastic sheet

Press the plastic sheet against the tape using your hand. Confirm that there is no gap or opening that can let in some air. Add some tape where the sheet is not holding firmly and press the sheet against it.

Step 6: Run the hair dryer over the plastic

Run the hair dryer over the plastic to make a strong seal and tight fit around the window. The hair dryer makes the plastic sheet to shrink and as a result tighter and firm.  Once the plastic is held firm, your window is insulated and your house will be warmer with time.

Insulating you windows is an economical method to keep your house warm. This is because the method helps in saving on energy or electricity required warm your house during cold seasons. If you need help to further keep your home warm without having hefty bills, contact companies such as Polar Refrigeration Sales & Service Ltd for more advice and assistance.